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Ridgeline - Ruffed Grouse By David A. Maass

By David Maass

Ridgeline - Ruffed Grouse by David A. Maass

Ruffed Grouse have two distinct morphs, grey and brown. In the grey morph, the head, neck and back are grey-brown; the breast is light with barring. There is much white on the underside and flanks, and overall the birds have a variegated appearance; the throat is often distinctly lighter. The tail is essentially the same brownish grey, with regular barring and a broad black band near the end ("subterminal"). Brown-morph birds have tails of the same color and pattern, but the rest of the plumage is much more brown, giving the appearance of a more uniform bird with less light plumage below and a conspicuously grey tail. There are all sorts of intergrades between the most typical morphs; warmer and more humid conditions favor browner birds in general.

Ridge Line - Ruffed Grouse by David A. Maass is available for sale as a signed and numbered limited edition print with a 15-3/4 x 25 image size priced at $285 unframed and with a hand drawn remarque. LAST ONE!

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Signed And Numbered Limited Edition Remarqued Print 15-3/4 x 25 Image Size 580 $285.00

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