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Blackfeet Among Aspen - Native American Indian By Howard Terpning

By Howard Terpning

Blackfeet Among Aspen by Howard Terpning

Using animal skins and bird feathers, Indians were able to make themselves almost invisible while hunting in the woods and on the plains. Once they had mastered the horse, the Indians were able to rely less on camouflage and more on speed to hunt or travel unseen.

The idea of Indians in winter moving through thick forest on horseback was an intriguing one. On the other hand, they blend with their surroundings and on the other, the sometimes bright colors they wear make them highly visible. In this painting, two Blackfeet Indians, mounted on their ponies, boldly mix bright white and red clothing with the traditional hides and furs. The shadows and snow, however, serve to deceive the eye as the Indians travel through the aspen grove.

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